Our First Gold Kiwis!

We are super excited to have picked our first ever gold kiwifruit this month on the farm! It’s been a project 4 years in the making and it’s great to finally see the fruit of all the hard work we’ve put in. Gold kiwis are relatively new in South Africa but we are already seeing a growing demand for the fruit. Gold kiwis have yellow flesh, smooth skin and a sweet tropical taste. They are preferred to the original green kiwi by many consumers around the world with a sweeter flavour and their ease of eating. The fruit is very high in vitamin C, fibre, vital minerals and anti-oxidants making it a super healthy food. The variety we grow is called Soreli and was developed in Italy. We work closely with the variety owners to ensure we produce the best quality fruit. Our kiwifruit is sold locally from the farm as well as in selected stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg. We also export our kiwis to Europe.