Growing the finest organic gold kiwifruit in South Africa. After 4 years in development on the farm we are now producing our first crop. Look out for the label below in selected shops in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Our gold kiwifruit has been grown in accordance with the EU Organic Standards and is the first certified organic gold kiwifruit to be produced in South Africa. We started the project in 2014 and have now harvested our first crop in 2018.

Organically Grown

We work in harmony with nature to produce the best quality organic fruit. Our farm has been growing organic blueberries since 1997 and planted the kiwifruit in 2014. We are audited every year by Ecocert to the EU Organic Standards to ensure we meet all the requirements of organic farming in Europe. Our perfect climate means our kiwis can grow happily without the need for chemical treatments. 


Perfect Climate

Our orchards are located in Magoebaskloof, a high mountainous area of Limpopo, South Africa. The altitude creates the perfect climate for growing golden kiwis organically with our cold winters. This allows the kiwis to go  dormant naturally and produce good yields without chemical treatments. Our high summer rainfall also reduces the need to irrigate the orchards for much of the growing season.  

Organic Gold Kiwi Orchard at Blueberry Heights

About Gold Kiwis

The Golden Kiwi has an intense yellow flesh, smooth skin and a sweet tropical taste. It is preferred to the original green kiwi by many consumers around the world with it’s sweeter flavour and ease of eating. The fruit is very high in vitamin C, fibre, vital minerals and anti-oxidants making it a super healthy food. The variety we grow is called Soreli and was developed in Italy. We work closely with the variety owners to ensure we produce the best quality fruit. Our kiwifruit is sold locally in selected stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg. We also export our kiwis to Europe. 


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